BlogHer 2014 Conference San Jose

I’m so excited to be attending the BlogHer 2014 conference in San Jose!

As a newbie having only ever been to a few work-related conferences in my life, I have to admit that I didn’t anticipate the amount of prep and pre-conference excitement that would be surrounding this awesome event! From Twitter meet-ups to Skype groups to an awesome mentor program for newbies like myself to partner with veterans and learn the ropes, the last three days of this week are shaping up to be filled with a TON of excitement. (Also there’s a Sangria party on Thursday night that I’m super stoked about, sponsored by Eppa! – never tried it but will let you know)

Also, I hear that there’s MAJOR swag given away at this event. Newsletter subscribers, get ready for some giveaways!


Before I type one more word, I simply have to say that FINDING OUT THAT TIG NOTARO IS THE KEYNOTE ON FRIDAY BLEW MY MIND TODAY! I feel like such an amateur not even looking at the conference agenda until today, but I could barely contain myself when I saw her name. If you don’t know her, you simply must look her up. She’s a super talented comedian who made her way through a cascade of horrific personal tragedies a couple of years ago and somehow managed to turn them into an amazing hour of comedy. The success of a show she hadn’t even planned to release propelled her into the next level of comedy stardom, impressing the likes of Louis CK (who distributed the special), arguably the funniest man alive. You won’t believe the story until you hear it, so I’m not going to bother saying more than that. Just follow this link, get the special “Live” on iTunes or Amazon, sit back and listen. You will not regret it.

Her story is a poignant lesson in the crucial role that perspective and humor can have in even the most impossibly tragic situations.

photo borrowed from

photo borrowed from

I don’t mean to treat Kerry Washington as an afterthought, because I’m super stoked to see her too (she’s the keynote on Saturday). She’s the star of Scandal (a show I watch while I’m cooking or sewing when my husband’s not around!). I’d venture to guess that a lot more people know who she is than do Tig, so I don’t feel the need to endlessly plug her in quite the same way…

All in all, I can’t wait for this amazing event and am especially excited to come back to you and share what I’ve learned. I am fully confident that the time I spend at BlogHer  2014 will contribute to this ever-changing, ever-improving, ever-growing community we’re building here at Cultivated Wellbeing. I’ll even be taking a writing workshop or two in the hopes of making this blog an even better place to visit!

Follow me on Twitter as I tweet my way through the conference keeping you up-to-date (as best I can!) on the goings-on at this exciting event!


I’ll be posting a fantastic guest post on Friday from acupuncturist and fellow blogger Marie Bowser L.Ac., since I’ll be busy at BlogHer meeting some of my favorite bloggers and collecting sweet swag for my members!

Stay tuned for that great post.

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of Dexter acting very sad because she’ll miss me while I’m gone. It’s sure to make you smile between now and then.


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