My First Voloom [Product Review]

Ok, so what I’m about to share with you is really my second Voloom.

My first Voloom was at BlogHer14 right on the trade show floor. I walked up to this booth where a woman was using what looked like an 80’s style crimper on the under layers of another woman’s hair. When she was done, she unclipped the top layers and let them fall over the areas she was working on. The result? Volume. And lots of it. The crimper contraption was called Voloom, and it wasn’t actually crimping. The hot iron on the inside actually looked like a waffle iron. Applying it to the undersides of the hair was like creating an instant “tease” affect. But no tangles. Oh, and no product. NONE. Zero sticky, greasy, cakey, smelly product. None. I was intrigued.

Here’s what my hair looked like after my first Voloom


This was the work of someone else standing over me clipping my hair up and working on the under sides. Essentially, this is what it looks like to ‘get it done.’ My task in this review was to be able to do it myself! In a weird stroke of luck, I happened to receive my free Voloom three days before a scheduled cut and color. After nailing it with my long hair, I tried to Voloom again with my much MUCH shorter hair, and I’d say that while it was slightly less successful, it wasn’t bad. You can be the judge I guess.

voloom product review

My Voloomed hair pre-haircut


voloom product review

post-haircut Voloom. You be the judge. Not terrible, maybe a little too short to use in the back

Why am I reviewing a Beauty Product?

That’s a great question. After all, this is a health and wellbeing blog. It’s about what’s on the inside that counts, right? Yes, of course what’s on the inside counts, but it works both ways, doesn’t it? Doesn’t how you feel on the inside get reflected on the outside? And isn’t the opposite also true? If you look and feel beautiful in your skin (and hair in this case), doesn’t that just put a little extra pep in your step? I’ll circle back to the inside/outside thing in a second.

First, let me tell you about my typical hair habits.

WARNING: This is honest, full disclosure. If you think this is gross, I don’t care.

I don’t like to wash my hair every day. Or every other day. And I go to the gym basically every day. In a typical week, I’ll wash my hair on a Friday night, spend Saturday and Sunday gardening, hiking, climbing, or some combination, go to work on Monday, to TRX and climbing on Monday night, and THEN wash my hair again. Tuesdays, I usually climb, Wednesdays, I TRX and climb, and Thursday is just so darn close to Friday… you get the idea. I don’t like to wash my hair every day for a few reasons. 

  1. It dries out my hair and strips it of the natural oils that keep it healthy (and this is true for everyone whether you think I’m gross or not).
  2. I’m lazy.
  3. I don’t have time to wash and dry it every day.
  4. I could make time, but I prefer to sleep. Or do anything else really.

Because I don’t like to wash my hair every day, I try to avoid putting any product in it that could make it dirty more quickly, or more importantly, combine with my sweat and roll down my face to cause a potential acne explosion. Since I cured my acne earlier this year, the fragility of the state of my face has dramatically decreased, but I’m still careful not to add any unnecessary variables to the situation. I’m not always great about removing my makeup before a workout, but if I can avoid sweating hair product into my eyes or down my cheeks, I will. And I do. 

So back that question: Why am I reviewing a beauty product? 

Because this beauty product is PERFECT for the Active, Clean-Living Woman!

Did Voloom ask me to say that? No. Did they give me a free Voloom so I could review it? Yes. That’s where it ends. I could structure this however I wanted to. And that’s how I feel. This thing is rad. It took me 5 minutes or less to Voloom my own hair. Because I was going to work and not to a wedding or fancy party, I didn’t shoot for the stars to achieve maximum volume. I achieved an every day look that lasted through my TRX and climbing night on Monday. I worked out once and went another full day after that with my Voloomed hair before having it washed yesterday at my hair appointment. It was awesome!

One more time: ZERO teasing or backcombing. ZERO hair product.

(No promises here, but I’m crossing my fingers that the folks at Voloom will provide me with a discount code for my newsletter subscribers who want to pick one up. I put the question in but haven’t gotten an answer back just yet, and I wanted to get this review out before the Thanksgiving holiday.)

Another thing

Hair products can have some funky ingredients in them that you don’t want absorbing into your skin and coursing through your body. Remember that whole idea of not putting anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put into your mouth? This styling iron removes the need for one more product on your shelf that could potentially cause your body or skin some upset. 

I’m going to bring my Voloom home to Texas for the holidays and make my mom try it. She’s the queen of tease in Big-Hair Texas Land. When I told her about this product, she said, “I don’t have time for that.” I plan to bust right through that myth with a personalized demonstration, because this thing is not only going to save her serious time, it will prevent all that damaging teasing/back-combing too! 

Voloom product review

Yes, this is actually my mom. And Yes, this is actually what she does to her hair before she goes out. She chills it out a bit before entering the world, but not by much! Don’t you think she could use a Voloom?

So there you have it. That’s my review for Voloom. I love this product.


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  1. Rosanne let you post that picture?! Love it! I wash my hair only twice a week too and by the end of a cycle of not waking my volume is shot. I usually reach for the dry shampoo to boost it up a notch to make it last one more day. This would be a cool product to try!

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