Handmade Gift Ideas for the Gift-Giving Season and Beyond

I made a deal with myself that I was not going to let this holiday season sneak up on me again. I was going to get everything done far in advance and sit back while everyone else scrambles. Last year, I’d wanted to do all homemade gifts for Christmas, and I failed miserably (well, I did get some yummy flourless rum balls made for my coworkers, I’ll give myself that). But I didn’t give myself enough time to research or actually make any of the things I wanted to give to my family. Since I’d already bought a few little jars to play with some recipes, I decided to at least try making a hand creme, just for 3 people that I knew wouldn’t be upset if it was terrible. And because it was rushed and I didn’t know what I was doing, it ended up being a little too waxy — and kind of weird.

Not what I wanted.

Full disclosure: I’m terrible at giving gifts on time. Christmas is the one exception — well, sometimes Loren gets some late Christmas gifts — but for the most part, because I am traveling to see my family in Texas, I have to get all those gifts together before we head down there. In general, because I want to get the perfect thing, I put it off and put it off until, alas, the gift is late. It’s a bad habit I’m trying to break. (Sorry, friends I owe wedding presents!)

handmade gift ideas homemade gift ideas

click here to get my flourless rum ball recipe!

‘Tis Not Yet the Season!

I know it seems too early to talk about this — and it kind of is, we haven’t even started with the pumpkins yet — but I made a deal with myself people! I am NOT going to fall behind! I’ve been gathering ideas and recipes and containers and all kinds of goodies for this year’s gift-giving extravaganza, and I’ve even started making stuff already. So far, I’ve stuck to shelf-stable culinary gifts — which by the way, I cannot WAIT to share with you in some upcoming posts — but I’d also like to try my hand at some decent homemade body care products this year.

And that’s where this beautiful little number comes in!

A Sonoma Garden’s Simple Handcrafted Body Care

handmade gift ideas

This beautiful eBook, created by Kendra from A Sonoma Garden, features recipes for everything from lotions to lip balms, and the best part is that they’re simple! Part of my problem last winter was that when I did a cursory search for homemade hand creme online, the formulas I found called for all sorts of expensive ingredients that sort of defeated the purpose of making a homemade gift.

Of course, I want my homemade gifts to come from the heart and be something that people will love and appreciate that I took the time to make myself. BUT I don’t want to spend twice as much as I would have if I’d just gone out and bought a version of what I was making them. That seems silly. Kendra’s formulas and recipes feature ingredients that are easy to find and don’t cost an arm and a leg. And she encourages experimentation, which you know I love! I usually call it “intuitive cooking” but in this case, I guess it’s “intuitive mixing.” Either way, I’ve already bookmarked the items I’m adding to my crafting list for this winter’s gift-giving season, and thanks to the bonus gifts in this year’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, I already have three essential oils to to use in my handcrafted gifts! This bundle offer is now over. If you’d like to be informed of the next time an offer this good comes around, fill out this super short form and I’ll be sure to let you know! (They happen at least once a year)

handmade gift ideas homemade gift ideas

This Year’s Bonuses

“What’s this you say about free essential oils?” (Surely that’s what you’re asking.) That’s right! Plant Therapy is giving away their three favorite oils to everyone who purchases this year’s bundle. Quite a few of this year’s bonus gifts are physical items that will be mailed to your home, including these three bottles of pure essential oils. (and one of my bonuses is too if you fill out this form to let me know you ordered!) This bundle offer is now over. If you’d like to be informed of the next time an offer this good comes around, fill out this super short form and I’ll be sure to let you know! (They happen at least once a year)

Here are all of the amazing sponsors for this year’s bundle!

Natural Home in the Ultimate Bundle

Kendra’s Simple Handcrafted Body Care is just one of many amazing eBooks included in a section of the Healthy Living bundle called Natural Home, which features 9 other resources, including Detox Your Home by Katie the Wellness Mama. These two books alone are worth nearly as much as the cost of entire bundle of 90+ resources on healthy living and holistic health. In fact, the whole bundle is worth $1900, and until 11:59pm EST tonight, it can be yours for a whopping 97% off. This offer isn’t just a steal, it’s access to resources that can help you give your home and your health a makeover.

If you’ve been curious about the best natural replacements for the toxic cleaners under your kitchen sink and in your bathroom cabinet, or if you’re curious about handmade gift ideas like I was, this is the bundle for you.

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If you want a crash course in traditional eating (cheese making, fermenting foods and beverages) or are simply looking for strategies for eating more of a whole foods diet, this is the bundle for you. 

Time’s Running Out

This bundle offer is now over. If you’d like to be informed of the next time an offer this good comes around, fill out this super short form and I’ll be sure to let you know! (They happen at least once a year)

I think I made my point. But seriously, there really isn’t much time left to cash in on bundle pricing. You have until midnight tonight to make it happen, and I’d really hate to see you miss out on such a killer deal. I’ve already started perusing the resources in this bundle, and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

The beautiful thing is though, if you aren’t as excited as I am about your bundle once you get it, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. I know it seems rushed (we do this sale for just one week, and today’s the last day), but that’s kind of the whole deal. The authors in this bundle (including me!) agree to put their (our) eBooks and eCourses together for just a short time. We do this to get these amazing resources out to as many people as possible within this little window so that everybody wins! 

Go have a look at it and see what you think. You won’t regret it!


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