What You Should Know About Meal Kit Deliveries [REVIEW]

If you’ve been curious about all of the meal kit delivery services that have popped up over the last couple of years, you’ll be happy to know that I have a pretty comprehensive review of two of them for you today. I’m bringing you a guest post from Mark at Reviewing This, in which he breaks down the pros and cons of the most popular home meal delivery services available right now.

Healthy Meals You Prepare at Home

It’s likely you’ve heard of Blue Apron a home delivery of meal kits that makes cooking easy, even for the beginner cook. But they aren’t the only game in town anymore, and you might be wondering what to choose. Today I’ll be comparing the various options out there, as this niche market is on the rise — so much so that Amazon is getting into the game with their Prime Pantry service. 

Two top competitors for Amazon and Blue Apron are Home Chef and Sun Basket. Though not the most prominent services, they both have solid offerings, and they seem to have been quietly plugging away at building their respective customer bases. homechef

Home Chef

Home Chef started in 2013, based in Chicago, avoiding the costs of startup hub cities like New York. In that four years since they started, as of February 2017, they deliver over 2.5 million meals per month. That’s per month — regular users benefitting from their convenient service.


Sun Basket

Sun Basket is another baby in terms of companies, only having been founded in 2014. In a similar capacity to Amazon with their Prime Pantry, Sun Basket has an intrinsic relationship with a multinational corporation, with Unilever being one of their main investors. Based out of San Francisco, they’ve been building their distribution network to increase the ground they cover throughout the US.

Advantages of Meal Kits

For me, one of the most important things about these meal delivery  services is the lack of waste. Both companies are committed to zero waste in terms of their packaging. That kind of environmental commitment is becoming increasingly common among startups, but these companies are also preventing food waste.

About 40% of food produced in the United States is thrown out, whether it’s from restaurants, grocery stores, or right out of your own refrigerator after it’s rotted in your produce drawer. These companies send you exactly what you need to make a meal, and nothing more, thus preventing such waste — at least at the consumer level. 

Home Chef gives any excess food stock to local charities, while Sun Basket heavily promotes the organic focus of their service

But How is the Food?

With either service, you can select the types of meals you’re most interested in. Home Chef is slightly more specific in what you can exclude — you can actually choose to remove specific ingredients, rather than choosing a category or diet plan. I’m easy breezy when it comes to my meals, but my partner can be particular about her diet. No fish, mushrooms, or bell peppers are allowed in our kitchen, and it’s easy to tick these off for exclusion from any of the meals we receive.

With Sun Basket, you choose a diet plan, such as paleo or vegetarian. There’s nothing immediately apparent about excluding particular ingredients, but if you contact them, they might be able to accommodate an allergy or personal preference.


Both Home Chef and Sun Basket cost roughly $10 per meal as part of their regular service. It’s easy to find a coupon code or a promo code for either of them, so even if you’re not ready to commit to weekly delivery, it’s worth using those offers for cheap and delicious one-off meals.

If you’re still on the fence on whether or not either service is for you, it’s beneficial to read reviews for each service. In this sun basket review you’ll find a whole meal cooked from start to finish as well as an FAQ section, and in this home chef review, you’ll find two whole meals cooked with fantastic images. On the plus side, you’ll also find coupon codes for each service at those reviews!

This is a sponsored guest post, which means that I have received monetary compensation for sharing it on CWB. All statements are the opinion of the author, Mark at Reviewing This.


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2 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Meal Kit Deliveries [REVIEW]

  1. Thanks for the post! I just started using Sun Basket by recommendation of my sister (a working mom) and couldn’t give it more kudos. I was getting bored with my typical rotation of recipes, and also tired of throwing out moldy produce because i had a work trip that took me away for a few days at a time. Sun Basket’s portions are perfect, variety keeps food exciting, the recipes are ones i could and would make again, and It just makes cooking fun again for me. I also love that i know that the ingredients are such high quality.

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