Make your Basil Plant Last Longer with this Gardening Tip

Italian Sweet Basil is one of those herbs that I find a little fussy. It’s taken a couple of years and probably eight different attempts with at least eight different plants stalling out at various stages of disappointing size (in the front, side AND back yard) to finally find some spots on our property where it likes to grow. I was so jealous when I visited some friends in Redwood City whose basil plant was like a small bush with a big thick trunk like a skinny tree a couple of years ago that I almost gave up growing it all together. But I kept on trying and finally found the sunniest, warmest places for my basil plants, and they’re happier than ever! Alameda probably won’t ever be as consistently warm as Redwood City, but this year I hope to give that crazy basil bush a run for its money. 

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Gardening Tips Series: Basil Buds

I’m working on taking simple garden tasks and breaking them down into short videos to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their first crops. In conversations with friends and family starting their first gardening projects, I’m realizing just how much I’ve learned in the short time since I started gardening, and that I sometimes take that knowledge for granted. I forget that we don’t learn by osmosis, and that just because I figured something out and it’s become second nature in my garden doesn’t mean that a new gardener would know it automatically. After all, I had to learn it from somewhere too right?

So I’m planning to share the simple little nuggets I’ve picked up along the way in a video series, and today I’m sharing the first video with you!

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