Mini Succulent Gardens (Great Holiday Gift Idea!)

Are you ready for an awesome, easy, and inexpensive holiday gift idea?? I know this is last-minute, but isn’t there always some last-minute gift-giving to do?

These mini-gardens are the cutest little gifts ever, and if you have succulents growing in your garden (or in your neighborhood in public spots that won’t miss a few cuttings), they are a really economical gift too!


The beauty of succulents is that you can snip off a piece, stick in the ground, and it will sprout roots and keep on growing. But honestly, there is far more beauty to succulents than just that one little fact. Because they’re desert plants, succulents are super easy to maintain. They don’t need good quality soil and they don’t need to be watered that often. They do need good sunlight though, and the recent freezing that’s been happening in the Bay Area have not been kind to some of my plants (frown). I’m optimistic that most of them will bounce back though. Also, succulents are just gorgeous plants. They’re the gift that keeps on giving!

Here are the step-by-step photos for my awesome holiday gift project! The one step that’s missing is my trip to TJ Maxx for the cups. They had tons, but I kept it simple.succulentcoffeecup2


First, I plucked baby succulents from my garden, enough to fill all 8 of my cups. I tried to fit things in based on space and the look of each cup.


Then I mixed ground soil, potting soil, and some mulch I had in the back yard — mulch is great because it will keep the soil light and penetrable.

These are desert plants, and they don’t like super packed, dense soil. Then I placed the succulents into each cup, making sure they weren’t too crowded, but filling the cup enough that it looked full.

Once the plants were all set and looked good and happy, I added garden pebbles to complete the look.

My husband helped me with this project, and when we were all done, he was sad that we weren’t keeping them for ourselves! Maybe I’ll have to make another trip to TJ Maxx for more coffee cups!


I’m hoping my coworkers don’t see this blog post until after they get their mini-garden gifts!



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