Paleo Breakfast Tacos [RECIPE]

My recent visit to Austin reminded me just how much I appreciate a good breakfast taco. Here in California, it’s all about the breakfast burrito, and honestly, burritos aren’t my thing. I’ve never seen a giant gluten-free tortilla that didn’t break (or one that tasted great), so I couldn’t eat them even if I liked them, but really they’re just a mess, with or without the gluten. Most burritos become a pile of homogenous Mexican-flavored mush after the first few bites. There are too many ingredients, too many fillers, and if all of that food is going into my mouth, I’d rather eat it on a plate separately than in a mess of mixed mush. (How’s that for alliteration?!)paleo breakfast tacos

The Breakfast Taco Saves the Day!

Oh but the breakfast taco! It’s a beautiful thing. It’s compact; far less food than a burrito with the option of having a second one if you’re still hungry instead of having to commit to a breakfast burrito the size and weight of an infant. Why the breakfast taco hasn’t caught on here in California is beyond me, but I made my own delicious, paleo variety right here in the CWB kitchen with almond flour tortillas made fresh from Must B Nutty. I bought them at my new favorite Austin-born paleo establishment, Picnik Austin. If you follow me on social media, you probably saw me standing in front of their shipping container establishment enjoying one of their signature butter coffees last week, and if you didn’t, here it is again. (And don’t worry, I’ll dedicate a whole post to Picnik sometime in the near future. Love them!)

paleo breakfast tacos

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Must B Nutty

I’ve seen some recipes to make your own paleo tortillas online, but I haven’t tried to do it yet. Mostly because I’m lazy, but my other big excuse is that I don’t have a tortilla press. Maybe I’ll get around to trying that one day, but in the meantime, Must B Nutty tortillas are awesome — so awesome that Loren and I went through a pack of 10 in less than a week. (Actually, I think Loren only had 2.5 tortillas; maybe “we” was a little generous…) Having gone gluten-free, I haven’t enjoyed a really great flour tortilla in years, so it’s possible I got a little excited. These almond flour ones are just about as close as it gets — and to be honest, a breakfast taco with a corn tortilla really isn’t the same.

Although I didn’t get a chance to talk to the folks who make them, I hope I will sometime soon! Maybe we’ll be able to do some sort of awesome tortilla giveaway on CWB down the line! A girl can dream, right? You can order them online in the meantime. I know I’ll be doing that this week.

paleo breakfast tacos

The Fixin’s

What you put in your breakfast taco is entirely up to you, although most of the ones you’ll see in the Lone Star State will include scrambled eggs, either bacon or sausage, cheese, and sometimes fried potatoes. Salsa is usually part of the equation too. I wanted mine to err on the side of healthy so I skipped the potatoes, threw some of my homegrown sprouts into the scramble (you can grow your own too! ENTER TO WIN! a winner will be announced on Thursday 5/14), added some sliced avocado, and used raw pastured white cheddar cheese. (I know that some paleo folks don’t eat dairy, even when it’s raw and from pastured animals — if you’re one of those, just skip the cheese.) I also didn’t have any sausage or bacon on hand, but adding one of those in would have made these babies even better, so feel free to add them into your version at home!

paleo breakfast tacos

Have you ever made your own breakfast tacos?

What do you put inside? I’d love to hear it! Reply with a comments below! And don’t forget to Pin this Recipe to your Pinterest page! Oh, and follow me there too


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