Pig and Pie

This is my first restaurant review!

When I launched this site, I knew I wanted business reviews to be part of it, but I’ve been waiting until something really amazing came along before adding in another category to this very broad site on how to create a sweet, rich life. Granted, Yelp already exists, but this new section is going to be different — more like a running log of restaurants, spas, tea houses, coffee shops, specialty stores, etc., that are aligned with my personal health and wellness philosophy. I won’t be doing any negative reviews here, just giving a shout out to cool places I find on my journey. And while I won’t be providing an interactive rating system (mostly because I don’t know how), comments on the reviews are definitely welcome if you’ve been to these places! And maybe one day I’ll figure out an interactive rating system too…

On Thursday last week, I had a meeting in the Mission District of San Francisco, so I decided to bring my laptop with me and spend the afternoon working in a nice, quiet coffee shop. My meeting was at SF General Hospital, and the walk from 24th St. BART was so full of choices that I was struggling to make a decision.

I stopped to look at a few menus and, realizing that I was hungry for lunch, revised my search from coffee shop to lunch spot, hoping I could find a place to eat with wi-fi. Almost immediately after making that switch this door appeared in front of me.


Pig and Pie — I love both of those things! The enticing name and cute chalk board menu above the register drew me in — I had to at least see what this place was about, and I’m so very glad I did. (And yes, they do have wi-fi.)

As I approached the counter, I noticed a sign next to the register that indicated that the animals served here were pasture-raised on family farms in Texas, eating the foods they were meant to eat and getting plenty of sunlight.

Score! I made the easy decision to stay for lunch (and the rest of the work day actually).

Next, to decide what to eat…this was a tough call. Check out this amazing menu! I can’t wait to get back here to try the brunch.


I settled on the Allspice Pork Shoulder with brown sugar maple bacon baked beans and frilly mustard greens. I was expecting cooked, southern-style greens, but what came out with the other two gems was a delicate salad of lacy baby mustards with a very light dressing. All three elements of the dish were delicious. The pork was perfectly tender but still plump, and the beans were sweet but not too sweet. Perfect!


And the woman who took my order was very sweet too. I was there literally all afternoon and no one bothered me or asked me if I wanted to spend more money for staying there all that time. It was peaceful and awesome.

The two parts of the menu I missed out on for this first trip to Pig and Pie were the beer and the dessert. Mid-day beer and pie just didn’t seem right with all the work I had to do, so I promised myself another visit sometime soon. Check out this drink menu.


I’m especially curious about the Squid Ink India Black Ale and the Nautilus Hibiscus Saison.

All the pies are home-made with the option of ice cream for an additional $2. If memory serves, the day I went, they had apple pie, a grape crisp, and pecan pie. As a Texan, I like to think I know a little something about pecan pie, so I plan on going back for that too. I assume that the pies aren’t gluten-free, although I didn’t ask, but I’m perfectly willing to scrape the filling out of a pecan pie — in fact I think I did it twice in Texas on my last visit.

As an East Bay dweller, I hesitate to go to SF by myself unless I can BART, as the traffic and parking challenges tend to be more than I’m willing to deal with. This restaurant is a 5 to 10 minute walk from 24th St. BART, right on 24th St, and worth every minute of the commute. I was there at lunch, and it wasn’t busy, but with food this good, I imagine the dinner crowd is much larger. Definitely check this place out!


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One thought on “Pig and Pie

  1. On Sunday I was looking for a snack before I headed home after watching the pathetic Chargers lose to the Broncos. My friend lives just down the street from 24th so I came upon Pig & Pie and had to try it. I got the Fall Gratin (Hard squashes, kohlrabi, & assorted root vegetables with smoked tomato and soft herb cream sauce). At $12, the dish was a little small. It was kinda more of a glorified side dish than a main, but since I only wanted a snack it ended up the perfect amount of food. It was delicious. The sauce was rich, creamy, a little smokey, but not over the top. I love gratin in general, but sometimes it’s just too much cream and cheese. This was actually pretty light tasting, the flavors were subtle and awesome, and the veggies were the perfect texture. I can’t wait to go back and try some of the meat dishes.

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