Life Moves Pretty Fast …

I started this post yesterday morning, but I was too in shock to finish it until today.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a coworker and friend to work on a welcome letter for new mothers returning to work, inviting them to use our lactation services and private rooms. We talked for about an hour, then I went home to let Dexter out and start dinner. Last night, she and her husband were in a horrific car crash and her husband died. She was seriously injured but is back at home now.

The title of this post, a reference from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, isn’t meant to be trite, it’s meant absolutely literally (even if the grammar is bad). It’s taken from a movie I watched over and over again as a kid and could recite verbatim in its entirety, and it couldn’t be more true with each passing day.

We take so much for granted. We text in the car or flip to the next podcast. We forget to call someone back thinking that there’s always tomorrow. We waste time watching TV or flipping through Facebook, but the truth is, every single minute of our lives is a gift. There’s no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow. All we have is the moment we’re in, and how we choose to live it is up to us.

We sat in her office together while she ate her lunch, talking about her work with the passion that she always does. She ate a salad for lunch with cucumbers, a peach, and an avocado; she dug the seeds out with her fingernail, chopped it all up right on her desk, and wiped her hands on her skirt. It was a normal day. She hugged me goodbye, and I left. That was it, no big deal. Nothing new.

Except that everything changed on a dime a few short hours later.

I didn’t know her husband, but all day yesterday, I could feel my brain rejecting the truth of his death. Almost as if I was in denial for her. Hoping that the news report was wrong, that really he was in the ER and had a chance. He wasn’t and doesn’t. He was 47 years old, and they have three children.

I’m sorry to write such a sad impromptu post, but as we are all about to enter into a long holiday weekend – a weekend intended for fun, but when accidents often happen – I wanted to take the time to remind you how precious and fragile our lives are.

I’m headed to Yosemite, and while I’m always careful, I plan to be extra diligent about safety on the rock this weekend. Please don’t jump into water unless you know how deep it is. Please don’t drink and drive. Please don’t set off fireworks in unsafe areas or start a fire in a risky spot in the forest. Please don’t leave your kids unattended by a pool. Please let your passenger navigate, and keep your hands off your phone while you’re driving.

And enjoy what you have. Appreciate those you love. Call an old friend, your sister, your mother, and really be present in the conversation. Take the time.

My intention isn’t to be scary or dismal. It’s to encourage you to LIVE, and to remind myself that every single person and thing in my life is a blessing to be cherished. 

Thanks for reading, and please be safe this weekend.

Daily Afformations – Wait, What’s an Afformation? | Cultivated Wellbeing

I’m very excited to welcome my first guest blogger Nathalie Beaupré to Cultivated Wellbeing! She’s the author of the children’s book Why Am I Perfect? and a blogger at Healthy Active Lifestyle. She’ll be covering a topic that’s 100% new to me, so I’m excited to share her knowledge with you today about afformations!


Nathalie Beaupré

Daily Afformations

by Nathalie Beaupré

To go from where you are to where you want to be requires a shift in your mind, and ultimately a change in your reality. It takes a tad of inspiration to think about what we want to create before feeling ready to see it come true, or manifestly visible in our lives. I believe that being conscious of the present moment and mindfully living and feeling it is the first step to manifesting what you want. The second step is seeing and feeling yourself where you want to be – this engages the imagination. The third step, which I won’t attempt to explain here, is letting go of the outcome.

To put these ideas in practice not only requires a concerted effort, it also requires a conscious “shift”, the need to move in another direction and change your perspective. We already know how to beat ourselves up emotionally – telling ourselves we aren’t good enough, attractive enough, smart enough; asking ourselves why we don’t have a better job or more money or better friends. What if we shifted those internal messages and, with a gentler tone, did some affirming of the positive things in our lives? Affirmations can come in handy right at these moments. They’re great for firming up what you want in a gentle, non-violent way:

  • I make positive contributions to the world and people around me.
  • I am attractive.
  • I am brilliant.
  • I have wonderful things to appreciate in my life.

I use affirmations to gain focus and guidance. They tend to bring on thoughts that point me in the right direction. Check out renowned author Louise Hay’s daily affirmations for some very well constructed examples of affirmations.

I am enough

What’s an Afformation?

A great way to turn an affirmation into an ever more powerful tool is to construct it in the form of a question. This is called an afformation. I actually prefer afformations, because they leave more room for the subconscious mind to build on the positivity of the question posed. Here’s a great example: compare how you feel after saying “Why do I always feel loved and supported?” with “I am always loved and supported.” These two statements come from the same place, and maybe even hold the same intention, but one asks your mind to generate examples, while one remains abstract.

With afformations, the trick is to practice to allow yourself to not answer the question. It’s a method developed by Noah St. John in 1997. He had been using affirmations daily but wasn’t quite reaching his desired effect. I learned about his story and this practice when I was going through a personal challenge – I was feeling scattered and unprepared, experiencing anxiety as I frequently do in the face of big changes in my life. In this case, I had incredible anxiety around the birth of my second child and the additional responsibility when my first son was just a year old. I was scared.

Manifesting Results:

Using afformations helped me reduce and eliminate my fear of not being good enough. I became more comfortable with my place in the world and over time felt more at peace with what was to come. I still remember the first afformation I chose to repeat: “Why am I more than enough?” After a few days of repeating this afformation, a light bulb lit up in my head: afformations are perfect for kids. Less than a week later my book for children, parents, and teachers was written and I was looking for a publisher. Talk about manifesting an outcome!

Growing up, I was somewhat fascinated with print and newspapers, and I always

preferred self-help books over the narrative. As I began developing my healing practice as an adult, I asked myself, “What do I need to learn? What do I want my children to learn?” I realized that I wanted to impart knowledge and practical life skills to my children. I wanted to provide them with tools for understanding life, for feeling fulfilled, for inquiring, tools for creating success in their own lives.

These types of questions are what have led me to create the Perfection Revolution, a movement that opens and unites. They have led me to write a book for children that shows them how to recognize their immediate wholeness. Why Am I Perfect? is a “toolbook” of empowerment for children – I believe that starting this process in early childhood will help build confident, self-actualized adults in the long run.


A friend and author, Greg Doyle, who recently read my book said:

“by wording an affirmation in the form of a “why” question, you allow your unconscious mind free reign to find its own answers, and by doing so, the innate perfection within reveals itself—effortlessly.  As someone who uses affirmations regularly, I have to say this book knocked my socks off!  It simply works far beyond the logical ‘demands’ of the stated affirmation.”

There are so many great tools out there that can aid our minds in releasing blocks and assisting us in feeling our very best – truly living our purpose. I coach my Forensic Healing clients with both afformations and affirmations.

My gift to you today is the following list of seven afformations.

They’ll be used in a multilingual e-colouring book I’ll be producing later in 2014. I challenge you to include them in your feel-good routine, starting today:

  1. Why is beauty everywhere?
  2. Why am I perfect love?
  3. Why does peace start with me?
  4. Why is each color a special gift?
  5. Why do I love BEING in nature?
  6. Why am I happy with myself?
  7. Why am I always more than enough?


Nathalie Beaupré is the first Forensic Healer in Canada and the author of Why Am I Perfect? a book to empower children, parents and teachers.  Meet her on Facebook where she’s created a group dedicated to her revolutionary book. Read her blog here. She also is on LinkedIn and has a very fun Perfection Revolution Pinterest board with brilliant learning activities for children. Listen to Nathalie’s one hour interview which features a childhood healing meditation FREE.

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