Woody Harrelson’s “Thoughts From Within” – Vote With Your Fork

The Personal is Political. Vote with your fork.

Most people use YouTube and other public forums as places to be nasty to each other behind the protection of internet anonymity. That’s not happening in the comments section of a video that puts Woody Harrelson’s poem “Thoughts from Within” to music.  Nearly every single comment of the almost 800 listed is in support of the celebrity’s revolutionary message. Even if the picture of the president isn’t up-to-date (looks like this video was created in 2008), every word seems to ring true to those who comment — most of whom do so pretty recent. Why am I sharing a YouTube video today featuring celebrity poetry?

Cultivated Wellbeing was never explicitly intended to be a hub for political commentary, but as a former political activist, I felt compelled to share this with you, fellow life-lovers, food-lovers, and joy-lovers. I studied sociology, anthropology, and political science in college where the notion that “the personal is political” was propelled at me from all sides. The message was received, and I still believe that in a very real sense today. My favorite line in this poem illustrates perfectly why I’m sharing this with you on a health and wellness blog:

“Do you dare to feel responsible for every dollar you lay down? Are you gonna make the rich man richer or are you gonna stand your ground?”

Harrelson talks about big agriculture, big food, political corruption, and then follows up with a message to vote with your dollar! This is the SAME message Michael Pollan and other voices in the food activist movement preach every day. Vote at the grocery store, at the farmers’ market, at the local eatery. Put your money where your mouth is — vote with your fork! Choose local, sustainable, health-giving, life-affirming foods that support and nourish both your body and the one and only Earth we have to live on. Do these things and the world will change! Do these things to make a difference every day without sacrificing your sanity (as I was as professional activist). What you eat matters! What you buy matters! How you live matters! Check out the video, and please share.

“Can you imagine clean, water, food and air, living in community with animals and people who care?”

vote with your fork

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