About Me

Hi there! I’m Toni.

It’s good to know your source, especially when it comes to health and nutrition — there’s so much conflicting information out there, it’s sometimes hard to keep it straight!

So here’s my story.

in Yosemite National Park looking up at The Grack from Happy Island

in Yosemite National Park looking up at The Grack from Happy Island

Like so many who endeavor in healing professions, my own personal challenges fueled my initial curiosity in the field of health and wellness. Faced with seemingly unsolvable health problems, I began my own quest for knowledge and found a Master’s program that would direct my efforts more formally. I earned a Master’s of Arts in Integrative Health Studies and a certification in wellness coaching in 2011, and soon after was hired to start an employee wellness program from scratch at a local chain of hospitals in the San Francisco East Bay.

While earning my degree, I delved deeply into studying the positive effects that food and lifestyle changes can have on hormonal problems (specifically Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, with which I was diagnosed in the late 90’s). I was able to direct my studies toward a focus in food and nutrition, in addition to writing my Master’s thesis on how wellness coaching affects behavior change in women with PCOS following a Naturopathic protocol. It was during my time at school that I began experimenting with different diets, ultimately landing on a need to go gluten-free and to limit my sugar consumption.

I also learned about the biological and ecological consequences of the SAD (Standard American Diet) and committed to eating sustainably and ethically.

Today, as a full-time wellness professional, I work with groups of employees creating in-person programming tailored to the needs of each of the 8 work sites I manage, across all aspects of wellness: mind, body, spirit, and community.

My Lifestyle

In my free time, I love tending to my front and backyard gardens, where I grow tons of organic produce. I also love creating fantastic meals from the garden spoils. My husband and I climb rocks all over the state of California (and beyond!), which enables us to fully appreciate the wonder of the great outdoors while staying active and fit together. I also have a simply perfect dog named Dexter, who takes up a good bit of my attention each day. She’s strategically placed throughout the pages of this blog, so be on the lookout for her silly face. She likes to eat kale. and carrots. and cabbage. and especially Brussels sprouts.


This is Dexter! She’s a lap dog and the Cultivated Wellbeing mascot!