Coconut Oil – Your Natural Goo Gone! [Remove Adhesive Residue]

coconut oil uses natural goo gone

3 pitches up on Cathedral Peak

This revolutionary new use for coconut oil will not fail to amaze you! I have shocked and awed a few of my climber buddies who have now incorporated coconut oil into their camping supplies just for the post-climbing clean up! I’ve been meaning to create a video for this for months, but finally after a trip to Tuolumne Meadows to climb Cathedral Peak, I’m excited to finally have video proof of this coconut oil magic trick!

The Backstory: Coconut Oil as Face Wash

coconut oil uses natural goo gone

A couple of coconut-converted climbers taping up for an adventure!

I hate being cold. I mean I really hate it. Being cold while camping might be my least favorite thing ever. Unfortunately those two things happen in tandem a lot when you’re a rock climber. When I go camping (especially in the cold), my typical facial care tends to go out the window. There’s just no way I’m going to pour cold water onto my cold hands and splash it onto my cold face to wash it at the campground. It’s just not gonna happen. I also secretly revel in being dirty out in the woods for a few days at a time. There’s something about sleeping outside that makes taking a shower or washing my face feel silly. So, instead I bring a wash cloth and a small jar of coconut oil with me. I scoop out some oil, rub it on my face, and wipe it off with a clean wash cloth. Coconut oil is not only a great makeup remover, it also works wonderfully as a gentle cleanser, leaving your face clean and soft just like a cream cleanser would.

A good long while ago, after a full day of climbing, I started my coconut oil routine on my face back at camp. My hands were covered in black adhesive residue from my freshly removed tape gloves. After I covered my face in coconut oil, I rubbed what was left into the backs of my hands, and VOILA! The black “gunk” from my tape gloves came right off! I couldn’t believe how easily it fell away from my skin, so I brought my jar of oil to Loren and asked him to try it. Once again, the tape gunk came right off! I’d discovered a natural Goo Gone made with one ingredient! Coconut oil. Is there anything this stuff can’t do??

coconut oil uses natural goo gonecoconut oil uses natural goo gone

sunset at the top of Cathedral Peak

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Coconut Oil – Your New Gunk Remover

If you’re a climber and you use tape gloves to climb crack, you MUST try this!

If you occasionally use band-aids to protect the backs of your heals in certain less-than-comfortable shoes and end up with black marks from the adhesive, you MUST try this!

If you have kids who are always covered in band-aids, and you find yourself scrubbing them down to remove the black band-aid gunk, you MUST try this!


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5 thoughts on “Coconut Oil – Your Natural Goo Gone! [Remove Adhesive Residue]

  1. Great video and tip! Coconut is Amazing! I love it! Did you know that doTERRA Lemon essential oil will also do the trick even quicker? I use doTERRA lemon essential oil to remove glue, gum, paint, nail polish etc… It’s great for many uses! Want to learn more? Reach me with the information I’ve shared to post this comment. Have a great day!

  2. Coconut oil is being used widely in kitchens in home, bakeries, restaurants etc here to remove the gunk caused by processing jack fruit, a popular and commercially valued fruit used to make recipes, chips etc. Coconut oil along with other health benefits is really a blessing..

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