eBook Annoucement and Fall and Winter Garden Update: Zone 8

Some of you have been asking about the status of the garden now that we’re moving into the colder months. As a result, today’s post will be a gratuitous display of the wonderful things happening on my little postage stamp of property in California and a promotion for my new eBook, which was inspired by the fruits of my labor! It’s hard to say that we’re truly doing “fall and winter gardening” here in California, but this is my version of it. Take note if you wish! Sorry to folks who are in colder climates. This probably won’t help you much.

As I might have bragged about mentioned before, we harvested a whopping 13 pumpkins from the front yard at the end of the summer! It was so exciting to see that our first year of growing them (especially from seed!) was such a success, and because we have so many to eat, I’m eager to share the recipes I’ve come up with! 

Stay tuned for an opportunity to download my next short eBook:

10 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes for Vegan and Vegetarian Foodies!

fall and winter gardening


I am making a public statement right now that I will have this eBook ready for download by TUESDAY next week. Ok, it’s etched in stone. I will make it happen people!


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Garden Update

We have found a way to grow food on all sides of our house — well technically the neighbors were growing the blackberries and they came over to our side of the fence, so we just trellised them and enjoyed the spoils! I just love living in such a rich climate where beautiful food can grow pretty-much year-round.

Sadly, the blackberries have run their course for the season, but we are still maintaining some fruitful plants on the other three sides, especially the front and back. The side has a little herb garden with tarragon, thyme, parsley, cilantro, basil, sage, and rosemary.

 fall and winter gardening

If you’ll kindly ignore Dexter’s “territory” in the bottom left of this picture, I can assure you that our back yard garden is doing quite nicely! I’m excited to report that in November, we are still getting tomatoes. Heirlooms, cherries, and teeny tiny ones that I thought were cherries, but might be currants. We’re also still getting some okra (not shown). Other than that, we’re rocking and rolling with the list you see above (great for fall and winter planting in Zone 8) and I couldn’t be more pleased (unless someone we know hadn’t destroyed a prosperous green bean plant. I might be a tiny bit happier if I still had that plant).

fall and winter gardening

The front is also doing really well. Our green beans out front are still going strong, basically outgrowing the trellis and folding in on themselves. We just harvested a good batch yesterday morning, but I’m not quite sure what else will come of those  guys. Everything is still very green and happy though, so it will stay there til it’s not. (Pictured on the far right of the picture above.)

One lesson we learned in our first year of front yard gardening is that our neighbors’ redwood tree made it pretty challenging to grow food in our center planter bed. We’ve decided to grow low-maintenance ornamental perennials there going-forward. We have some green ground cover, some small flowers, and some taller plants that will eventually become bushy and full of orange and purple flowers. We had some pollination challenges in the front with our zucchini this year, so my hope is that these beautiful flowering bushes will bring pollinators next spring. Fingers crossed!

fall and winter gardening

We had a lot of space we needed to fill in the bed where the pumpkins grew, and we lucked out with the New Zealand spinach. Have you ever grown New Zealand spinach?? It’s amazing. It’s hardy, so the leaf miners don’t like it (they’re already going after my chard in the back), and it’s a crawler, so it fills in all the space you need it to without choking out its neighbors (shown above between all the Brussels). It’s also fast-growing and delicious both raw in salads and cooked as a side or in eggs. I’ve grown so accustomed to it in just a couple of months that now I prefer it to regular spinach. It has its own salty flavor that I’m sure you’ll love, so if you can find it, I recommend adding it to your winter garden of hardy greens!


fall and winter gardening

The whole front yard including our growing succulent garden and our new bougainvillea




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