Collaboration, Contribution, and Media Appearances

As a health and wellbeing expert, I love collaborating with colleagues and sharing information in any way I can. Whether it’s just for fun, or to help bring holistic wellness to center stage, working with other people brings me great joy and genuine excitement.

Working with fellow bloggers, podcasters, journalists, and experts in the field — whether it’s sharing recipes, my personal story, or hard science — helps spread the word and move my message forward. It’s also a great way to meet fantastic people!

As a “Thank You” to the folks who’ve hosted me and my work, I’ve created this page to share my media appearances, interviews, and contributions to other sites. In addition to the list below, I’m also a regular contributor at Wellness-Media, both on the blog and in the online magazine.

Check back regularly for more updates to this page!

Quoted in UBF’s Employee Wellness Feature

Employee Wellness Programs: Improving the Bottom Line

My Talk with Health Coach Donna

Let’s Get Healthy with Bill Swail May 9, 2015 (starting at 1:29:25)

Living Your Passion Podcast

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WTMJ Milwaukee: Beef Jerky Gets a Healthy Makeover

Read the story here

CBS Miami: Dried Snack Meats Going Healthy

PLV Radio Interview (April 2014):

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The Daily Meal

DailyMealMarch 24, 2015: 51 Amazing Brunch Recipes
(Paleo Bacon Veggie Mini Muffins, Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes AND Easy Veggie Frittata featured)

LIVZO Holisticpedia

livzohealthJaunary 29, 2015: Interview Part 1: From Rockstar to Nutritionist and Wellness Coach (disclaimer: I’m not a certified nutritionist, this is just what they chose to call me on this site.)

February 5, 2015: Interview Part 2: Wellness Advocate


Found Health



 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Overview

  PCOS Symptoms


The Loop

Toni SicolaMarch 27, 2015: Drool-worthy lunches you can whip up in 5 minutes or less (lunch maki)

January 27, 2015:18 Delicious Ways to Transform a Store-bought Rotisserie Chicken (turmeric chicken salad recipe featured)

October 2014: 10 drinks that will finally kick your pop habit to the curb (kombucha recipe featured)

MINDBODY Connect Workplace:




September 19, 2014, Repost: 10 Easy Hacks to Eat More Phytonutrients 

September 9, 2014, Repost: Quit Doing These 3 Things for Noticeably Clearer Skin

July 21, 2014, Repost: Heal Your Gut

May 22, 2014, Repost: Nutty Turmeric Salad Recipe

May 13, 2014, Repost: 7 Tips for Mindful Eating

February 24, 2014, Repost: A Sitting Epidemic


Care2: Healthy Living



February, 2, 2015: How to Sneak More Veggies into Every Meal


Fave Healthy Recipes

April 8, 2015: Snap Pea Salad Recipe

That Mut

February 28, 2015: These People Love Their Mutts!

Taste For Life

November, 2014: Bone Broth for Healthy Digestion

Del- Immune V

June 2014: Single Most Important Health Tip


March 30, 2014: 8 Common Diet and Wellness Myths

Natural News

March 23, 2014: Five Steps for Keeping Your Sugar Intake to a Minimum