Why Gut Health Matters

Gut health — and more specifically inflammation in the gut that causes permeability — is at the center of an incredible number of health challenges.

In this series, I delve deeply into various aspects of health and explore the connection between chronic conditions and gut health (or a lack thereof). You might be surprised at what you learn!

Here’s a pictorial overview in the form of an infographic. Each segment of the series is linked below, in order of publication.

Why Gut Health Matters

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Why Gut Health Matters: The Series

bellyheartjpgPart 1: A Series on You


slow_burn_L (1)Part 2: Your Gate Keeper


Vincent_Willem_van_Gogh_002-e1422993203181Part 3: Your Mood


weightPart 4: Your Weight


yourskinPart 5: Your Skin


Nervous (1)Part 6: Your Stress

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